Another type of label most commonly used in the textile and apparel industry is leather labels. In terms of material, there are two different types of leather labels: genuine leather label and artificial leather label. In recent years, with the importance of sustainable products, environmentally friendly leathers such as recycled leather and apple skin leather have come to the fore. Leather labels, which are an important accessory for the promotion of your brand, are generally used in trousers made of fabrics such as jeans, denim, and linen, as well as bags, hats and handmade products. Leather label has many models such as metallic leather label, embroidered leather label, engraved leather label in terms of post-processing. You can bring your logo and brand to the forefront by using different printing and processing techniques such as stamping, embossing, debossing, laser processing, silk screen printing and foil printing on leather labels.