We determine the needs of your brand in our woven labels which are used in all textile products, ready-made clothing, shoes, bags and furniture industries, and we prepare the designs in the form of corporate identity and theme. We produce your labels, which are a part of the whole, by texture and processing according to the product you will use, in a quality that will not need to be removed. We apply different process to the woven labels used in denim and chino products, and apply different process to combed cotton and knitwear products. Like a pharmacologist, we set values according to needs and get results accordingly. Woven labels are the most important accessory on the product and an indispensable advertising product for companies. Woven label is a very important accessory type in terms of adding value to your brand and brand image.

After woven labels are weaved, special processes such as ultrasonic edge cutting, polishing, and embossing are applied according to your request. Then, by applying cutting-folding or laser cutting processes, it goes through quality control one by one and is carefully packaged and delivered safely. Woven labels are produced with many folding/cutting types such as straight cut, laser cut, end folding, center folding, mitre folding and Manhattan folding depending on the place of use and need. We have many types of woven labels according to the need and the place to be sewn. These are matte woven label, semi-matte woven label, polished woven label, embossed woven label, laser cut woven label, woven badge, adhesive woven label, lurex woven label, woven tapes and others.