Woven key holder is one of our innovative products developed by our INOVISIK department. Important feature of this product is to be zero waste. It doesn’t throw away and can use as key holder. This new product has been developed as an alternative product to replace swing tags. There are 2 pieces; one is key holder, another one is seed paper card to print barcode, prices etc. When the consumers buy your product, they can use it as a key holder and they can plant seed paper card. Therefore there is no thrown away items. In this way, you will be presenting a promotional product to your customers and at the same time you will be advertising your brand. You should consider of this product as an advertising cost, not an additional cost of garment. This innovation product we have developed has been published in the InoSuit Prestige Book of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM). Also this product has been selected at ISPO Textrends Award Fall/Winter 2023/24 in Accessories category as SELECTION innoavtive product. You can support our sustainability projects by choosing our woven key holder innovation product.