Işık etiket Established by Erdinç Çekliç who comes from a family with a background in textiles and Beyza Taştekin, who has received textile design education in Sweden, Işık Etiket has been providing services in the textile and ready-to-wear sub-industry since 2005. With its 3-story facility in Merter, Istanbul, covering 2000 m2 of closed area and a qualified production capacity of up to 120 million units annually, it attracts attention in the textile and textile sub industry sector.

Işık Etiket utilizes the experience accumulated since its establishment to deliver customers fast, timely, and top-quality services. In our design department, we design custom-themed labels to meet customer needs. The specialized processes applied to woven labels have positioned us as a leading company in the industry, ensuring excellence in our products and services."

Exporting to over 40 countries and prioritizing customer satisfaction to meet the special label needs of brands, Işık etiket has become a recognized and preferred manufacturer in the local market. Production activities are conducted in accordance with international standards and in an environmentally friendly manner, supported by ISO certifications, OEKO-TEX®, FSC, and PEFC certifications.


The label is the reflective face of your brand. Woven label, designed not to disturb the skin, stands as one of the most important factors protecting your brand, as it will never be removed from the product. Skin irritation is no longer your brand's concern.


Each product is unique in itself. The label should be designed and produced specifically for each product. Our approach to design and production is reflected in a 'product-specific' perspective, produced to meet your needs."


In the labelling industry, where we consistently uphold the motto of 'Renewing without Repetition,' we progress by embracing the future with our distinct and continually evolving designs, differentiating ourselves through innovative production methods.


Every label we produce made with quality and care


Our primary objective is to design labels that reflect your brand's values and produce them with non-irritating quality."


#SAVEYOURBRAND stands out among others. Be distinctive and enhance your brand value with its quality and value added labels"

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We provide new designs and high-quality labels to textile companies. Our main business philosophy is to add value, quality, and sustainability with our products. Without compromising on this principle, our management staff, graphic designers, manufacturing team, and interns are constantly working to improve themselves, aiming to be innovative in the sector and achieve customer satisfaction. Işık Etiket doesn't just exist in the present; it also envisions the future, distinguishing itself from competitors in label designs/techniques and reflecting this commitment to our business partners.

VISION,Our vision is to become the preferred manufacturer for those who prioritize attention to detail and consciousness of awareness.


Isik Etiket works with a pharmacologist's precision and the dermatologist's sensitivity from the beginning of the design creation process to the completion of the production process and we meticulously write individualized prescriptions for each customer and stage of production. We produce labels that are part of a whole by using special textures and processes tailored to the product, ensuring a quality that is not meant to be removed and discarded.