Paper labels are an indispensable advertising item for brands. The design and quality of your label is extremely important for the promotion and image of your brand, as it is on the dress and constantly stands out. Paper labels are the most important type of label for an apparel after woven labels. Usage areas are generally textile products, clothes, bags and etc. You can print information such as the name of the product, product content, price, size on these labels, and most importantly, you can promote your brand by writing your brand's story. Paper label also known as swing tag are produced using many different types of paper and printing techniques. The papers we use comply with European Standards and are high quality papers. Paper types are white paper, kraft paper, self colored paper and other types of paper. We provide the labels with a stylish appearance by applying special processes such as embossing, foil, hologram, UV spot after printing.

Paper labels are usually attached to the product using components such as string, ribbon and plastic seal. As an alternative to these components, you can ensure accessory integrity by using our woven clips / seal, which we developed in-house and which are mostly preferred in suits and shirts.

If you are asking if we have an alternative product to paper labels, our answer is of course yes ☺. To review these products, please visit our zero waste products